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Unlock Tax Savings with Our Beekeeping Services

Transform your land into a thriving bee sanctuary and unlock significant tax savings with our expert beekeeping services. At Ten Box Bee Supply, we specialize in helping landowners achieve agricultural exemptions through managed honey bee colonies.

  • Reduce Your Property Taxes: Enjoy substantial savings on your property taxes and increase your land's resale value.

  • Hassle-Free Management: Lease bees and hives from us, and we'll handle all the management.

  • Sustainable Conservation: Promote biodiversity and conservation while reaping financial benefits.

  • Expert Support: Our team of experienced beekeepers will guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and successful process.

Join the ranks of satisfied landowners who have transformed their properties and financial outlook. Contact us today to start your journey toward agricultural exemption.

A Guide to Agricultural Exemptions

Available to landowners with 5-20 acres within in Tarrant, Johnson, Wise, and Montague County.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: We bring unparalleled knowledge and resources with over 8 years of experience helping landowners.

  • Simplicity: We handle all bee-related tasks, from placement to maintenance, ensuring your land qualifies for a Texas Agricultural Evaluation.

  • Value: Starting at just $300 per hive per year, our program is an affordable way to enjoy tax exemptions and support environmental sustainability.

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Verify Eligibility
  2. Place Your Order
  3. Schedule a Site Visit

Navigating the Agricultural Exemption

This exemption is available under specific conditions outlined in the Texas Tax Code Chapter 23, Subchapter D, Sect. 23.51 (1) and (2), as well as your County Appraisal District's specific Land Valuation Rules.

The land is valued lower for tax purposes because it is used for agricultural activities like beekeeping. Qualifying practices include hosting hives with honey bee colonies, providing water for the colonies, and managing beekeeping equipment.

The minimum number of hives typically required is six for the first 5 acres, with additional hives required for each additional acre. Click Here for information about your county requirements.


  • Do I need to own the bees? No, we retain ownership and responsibility for the bees and hives. However, you will get 5 lbs of our Local Fort Worth Honey.

  • How long will the bees be on my property? Typically, our bees remain on your property 8 months to a full year, with occasional off-site pollination services.

  • How many acres and hives do I need? Most counties require a minimum of 5 acres and 6 hives.

Contact us at 940.597.5219 for a personalized consultation and start your journey towards agricultural evaluation and tax savings.