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Honey Bee Leasing Service - Ag Exemption


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Unlock Agricultural Tax Benefits with Our Beekeeping Lease Program

Discover the simplest and most cost-effective way to achieve agricultural exemption on your land with honeybees! Unlike traditional livestock, honeybees require no fencing, vet bills, early morning feeding, or worry about animals jumping the fence. Plus, all the hard work is handled by our company, making it a hassle-free solution for landowners.

What We Offer:

  • Annual Maintenance & Expertise: We handle all beekeeping tasks and bring top-notch service to ensure success.
  • Texas Agricultural Evaluation: Establish or maintain this evaluation for substantial tax benefits.
  • Minimal Effort & Honey Reward: We manage the bees and hive materials, providing you with up to 5 bottles of local honey throughout the year.

Why Honeybees?

  • No Fences Needed: Say goodbye to the cost and maintenance of fencing.
  • No Vet Bills: Honeybees are low-maintenance and don't require veterinary care.
  • No Early Morning Feeding: We do all the beekeeping work for you.
  • No Escapes: No need to worry about animals wandering off your property.
  • Professional Care: Our team takes care of all beekeeping tasks, ensuring a thriving hives.

Getting Started:

  1. Contact us at 940-597-5219 for a consultation.
  2. Confirm the number of hives needed and comply with local requirements.
  3. Complete checkout and fill out the required form.
  4. Our team will schedule a site visit and ensure monthly maintenance.
  5. We service Tarrant, Johnson, Wise, and Montague County.

Common Questions:

  • Duration: Bees stay on your property year-round.
  • Eligibility: Typically requires a minimum of 5 acres, with benefits often capped at 20 acres.
  • Hive Requirements: Minimum hives vary by county, often starting at 6 hives.

Why Choose Beekeeping? Beekeeping supports the state's economy and environment by promoting sustainable agricultural practices and reducing the financial burden for landowners. Join our program today and be part of a community that values environmental and economic sustainability!