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Bee Hive 10 Frame Bee Hives and Supplies Starter Kit, Bee Hive for Beginner, Honey Bee Hives Includes 1 Deep Bee Boxes, 1 Bee Hive Super with Beehive Frames and Foundation


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  • DURABLE MATERIAL - With Heavy Wax Coated Cedarwood Beehive and Pinewood Honeycomb Foundation Frame, This Bee Hive is Stylish and Beautiful; Beeswaxed Food Grade Plastic Foundation Ensures the Health and Safety of Your Honey
  • PREMIUM DESIGN - The Honeycomb Frame is Designed with Dovetail Joints for Easy Installation. A Pre-assembled and Waterproof Metal Top Cover and Wax Coated Hive Body Helps Keep The Interior Dry
  • REMOVABLE BOARDS - All Boards are Prepared ,Sanded and Wax Coated for Safe Use. Inner Boards are Designed with Vents For Better Ventilation. A Detachable Bottom Board with an Entrance Reducer Allow For Easy Cleaning And Protection For Your Bees
  • LARGE SPACE - The Entire 2 Layer Hive measures 16.3"(W)x 19.9"(D) x20"(H), while the medium box is 19.9" x 16.3" x 6.6" and deep inset box is 19.9" x 16.3" x 9.5"; Each box holds 10 frames and foundations; Ample space for honey collection
  • COMPLETE KIT - Comes with 1 x Bottom Board, 1 x Entrance Reducer, 1 x Inner Cover, 1 x Top Cover, 1 x Queen Excluder, 10 x Deep Frames (including beeswaxed plastic foundation),10x Medium Frames (including beeswaxed plastic foundation) 1x Medium Box and 1x Brood Box. Easy to assemble and can be set-up in 30 minutes

Product Description

MayBee Hives' 10-Frame Beehive Kit is heavy wax coated cedarwood

Good quality and value.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Absolutely fabulous service. Replaced parts damaged in shipping. Responded to every email.

High cost performance

  • It was prewaxed and comes with frames!
  • The boxes fit together like a puzzle and secured with screws. I like how sturdy the box is and the ladies seem to love their new home. They collected alot of honey in no time! Totally worth the money! Our first harvest was decent!

Assembly very easy and the frames are nice and sturdy!

  • The kit is very well designed, includes all hardware needed and assembled very easily. It took about 30 minutes for complete assembly from start to finish.
  • The joints are very tight and the pre-drilled screw holes made assembly with an electric screw driver very simple.

Warm Fresh Cedar!

  • It has a thick good layer of wax.
  • It has holes to put the screws for an easy assemble. Others bee hive you have to use nails and sometimes the wood crack a bit when you put the nail in.
  • I have assembled many hives.and not one went together as easily as this did.
  • Not only easy to put together but also one of the best looking hives I own. This hive kit is top quality all the way around.
Size 10 Frame 10 Frame 10 Frame 10 Frame 10 Frame
Material Cedarwood Pine Wood Cedarwood Cedarwood Cedarwood
Assembly Easy Easy Easy Easy Easy

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