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Semi-Automatic round Bottle Labeling Machine, Adjustable Labeler Label Applicator Machine for Φ0.6-4.7” Cylinder 20-40Pcs/Min


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  • SEMI-AUTOMATIC LABELING: Why choose us? 1) Its output and production efficiency are much larger than a manual labeling machine or traditional manual labeling, more suitable for small enterprises and companies. 2) The Label sensor adopts automatic optical eye technology, more accurate labeling, reducing label waste and packaging loss.
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: High quality pure aluminum alloy body, integrated forming, stable and reliable, to ensure the long-term use of the machine; Thickened swing arm is not easy to deform, roller can be adjusted up and down, suitable for all kinds of cylinders; Automatic optical fiber positioning, simple operation to achieve intelligence.
  • ENHANCE PRODUCTIVITY: Label sensor adopts automatic optical eye technology with high sensitivity, accurate and stable labeling, reduce or avoid the phenomenon of missing and delayed labeling caused by inaccurate labeling, reduce label waste and secondary labeling, reduce packaging loss, and make the machine more artificial intelligent.
  • EXQUISITE STRUCTURE: There is paper receiving wheel inside the machine for collecting waste materials, which is easy to clean, automatic bottom paper receiving, saving time and effort; This semi-automatic labeling machine is small and does not take up too much space, which can be placed on the table or on the assembly line and is easy to operate.
  • LABEL & BOTTLE REQUIREMENTS: Please note that this labeling machine is only applicable to a complete cylinder, the bottle body should not be uneven or curved, the cap should not protrude, and the label color should not be gold, silver or transparent; Label length: 1~11.8"(25~300mm), width: 0.5~5.9" (12.7~150mm), bottom diameter: 0.6~4.7 "(15~120mm).

Product Description

Product Details

Adjustable paper plate

The supply plate can be adjusted according to the width of the label roll, can be held in place by green elastic elastic rope.

Automatic fiber-optic position

High sensitivity label sensor is adopted to label products automatically and realize simple and intelligent operation.

Paper receiving wheel

Automatic paper receiving, saving time and effort, improve work efficiency, easy to clean the waste bottom paper.

High power motor

High power and high speed motor, zero failure, large output, ensure the long-term stable and smooth operation of the machine.

Bottle positioning screw

Used to locate the bottom of the bottle. For large bottles, this screw can be removed and the roller spacing can be increased.

Thickened swing arm

Not easy to deform, roller can be adjusted up and down, thickened swing arm design suitable for all kinds of cylinders.

Activate the micro switch

Screw the screw forward a little, push the swing arm down, the screw touches the micro switch, to achieve automatic labeling.

Label out length adjustment

Press ↑ to increase the label length and ↓ to reduce the label length, easy to adjust, suitable for different lengths of labels.

Installation Procedure

Usually we will use right off first label on this bottle labeling machine.

Scope of application

Product Parameters

Label width: 0.5~5.9" (12.7~150mm)
Label length: 1~11.8"(25~300mm)
Bottle bottom diameter: 0.6~4.7"(15~120mm)
Label roll inner diameter: ≥3"(75mm)
Label roll outer diameter: ≤11.8"(300mm)
Dimensions(L×W×H): 25.6×13.6×17.7"(650×345×450mm)

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