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Respirator Mask with Filters - Organic Vapor


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  • [ Soft Silicone Material ] - The respirator mask is made of food-grade elastic silicone material, comfortable, soft and non-irritating, which can closely fit the face and play the role of close protection. Suitable for all face shapes.
  • [ 99.97% High Efficiency Filter ] - The respirator mask with filters adopts a dual filtration system, up to 99.97% anti-microparticle efficiency. The filter cartridge can effectively blocking of organic vapor, maldehyde, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, smoke, dust and non-oil and oil particulates.
  • [ Adjustable and Reusable ] - The half face respirator mask have adjustable head harness, can be adjusted according to the face shape to ensure air tightness. The respirator mask can be disassembled, cleaned, and reused (remove the filter box before cleaning).
  • [ Protect Your Health ] - The dust mask is the ideal respiratory protection product for your life and work. Gas mask is often used to against toxic substances and air at workplaces such as spray paint, woodworking, painters, construction, chemicals, sanding, painting, solder, mold, cleaning, resin, dust, mowing, soldering and other industrial workplaces.
  • [ Excellent Service ] - If you have any problems or suggestions on our gas mask, please feel free to contact us. We offer round-the-clock after sales service. We will do the best for our customers. (Package including: 1 x Half Face Respirator Mask, 2 x Filters)

Product Description

Respirator Mask with Filters - 99.97% Filtration - Professional Respiratory Protection

● Multi Gas/Vapor Cartridge Protection Type:

Maldehyde, Methylamine, Ammonia, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Fluoride, Hydrogen Sulfide, Organic Steam, Smoke, Dust, Non-Oil and Oil Particulates.

● When to Change the Filter Box?

When you feel that the breathing resistance is obviously too large, the human body feels uncomfortable or the filter dust is dirty or damaged, the filter box needs to be replaced.

The filter boxs is usually replaced in about 100-200h (you can extend or shorten the service life according to your environment).

Soft Silicone Faceseal

The Gas Mask is Made of Food-Grade Elastic Silicone Material, Comfortable, Soft and Non-Irritating, which can Closely Fit the Face.

Bayonet Connection

The Reusable Respirator Mask has a Snap-on Interface for Easy Installation and is Compatible with a Wide Range of Filter Types.

Dual Filtration System

The Respirator Mask with Filters Adopts a Dual Filtration System, up to 99.97% Anti-Microparticle Efficiency.

Half Face Respirator Mask Suitable for Many Occasions - Protect Your Health

  • Chemicals, Chemical Clean-Up, Chemical Handling, Chemical Splash, Laboratories
  • Woodworking, Painter, Sanding, Painting, Spray Paint
  • Chiseling, Furnace Operations, Grinding, Sawing, Welding, Pouring/Casting
  • Construction, Machining, Assembly, Mine, Factory, Electrician

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