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Apivar Varroa Mite Treatment with Easy Rip Strips for Managing Mites on Honey Bees (4 Pack)


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  • MOST POPULAR VARROA CONTROL METHOD: Apivar is the industry leading treatment used for controlling varroa mites in a colony of honey bees; a favorite among backyard and commercial beekeepers.
  • USE YEAR ROUND: Apivar can be used up to 2 times a year at any time of the year the colony is active to control Varroa without any airflow, temperature or feeding constraints.
  • SLOW RELEASE AMITRAZ: Thanks to its unique composition of Amitraz and its controlled release technology, Apivar removes between 96 and 98.6% of mites when used correctly.
  • REMOVES MULTIPLE GENERATIONS: The plastic polymer of Apivar strips has been developed to continuously release amitraz throughout the 6-8 week treatment duration, eliminating several successive generations of varroa mites.
  • VERY EASY TO USE: Simply hang 1 plastic strip for 5 frames of bees in the brood chamber with the average colony receiving 2 strips per hive for a 6-8 week treatment.

Product Description

4 Pack of Strips, Perfect for The Backyard Beekeeper

4 packs of Apivar is enough product to treat 2 hives.

Whether you're launching your beekeeping journey with a new nuc or package, or you're an experienced hand with one or two hives, Apivar's convenient 4-pack is your ideal solution for mite management. Simple to apply, these Amitraz-infused strips are placed directly into the brood nest, offering around-the-clock mite control for approximately two months. Unlike other options, Apivar has no temperature restrictions, allowing you the freedom to use it whenever honey boxes are absent and your bees are active. It's the perfect size for backyard beekeepers, offering the same trusted efficacy as larger packs.

Apivar Varroa Mite Strips 12 Pack

12 packs of Apivar is enough product to treat 6 hives.

If you're expanding your apiary and seeking a dependable mite management solution, Apivar's 12-pack has you covered. These easy-to-use, Amitraz-infused strips are placed directly in the brood nest and offer two months of sustained mite control. With no temperature limitations, you can apply Apivar whenever your honey boxes are removed and bees are active.

The 12-pack is ideal for beekeepers scaling their operations, and the flexibility to purchase multiple packs means you can tailor your order to fit your specific needs. Invest in Apivar's 12-pack to ensure your growing apiary stays healthy and thrives.

Apivar Varroa Mite Strips 60 Pack

60 packs of Apivar is enough product to treat 30 hives.

For commercial beekeepers or those managing a large number of hives, Apivar's 60-pack is the optimal choice for effective mite management. Each pack contains Amitraz-infused strips designed for straightforward placement in the brood nest, delivering around-the-clock mite control for approximately two months. One of the standout features of Apivar is its absence of temperature restrictions, allowing for versatile application whenever honey boxes are not present. A single 60-pack is capable of treating up to 30 colonies, making it a cost-effective and reliable option for larger operations. Whether you're a commercial beekeeper or have an extensive apiary, Apivar's 60-pack offers the quantity and efficacy you need for keeping your colonies in peak condition.

Apivar 4 pack

Apivar 12 Pack

Apivar 60 Pack

Easy to Apply

Apivar strips are easily inserted between frames, providing a no-fuss, effective solution for beekeepers combating mites

Add Directly To Brood Nest

Apivar strips are designed to be placed directly in the brood nest, ensuring maximum contact with nurse bees for optimal mite control

Works Great with News Hives

Whether you're just starting a new hive or managing an established colony, Apivar offers effective varroa mite control for both

Safe For Queen and Brood

Multiple studies and real-world applications have shown that Apivar poses minimal risk to the queen when used as directed

Apivar comes in a pack size for every beekeeper

Apivar comes in 4, 12 and 60 strip packs

Apivar is safe for bees and deadly for Varroa Mites and has proven to produce healthy and productive hives without leaving significant residues in the comb. It's important to follow package directions when applying Apivar in the brood box.

The strips are designed to be used on deep brood frames but can also be used on medium frames. Apivar is one of the preferred varroa treatments by most commercial beekeepers and works very well when there is a brood present.

Easy Rip Strips

Apivar is packaged in vacuum-sealed foil pouches. A single application of two strips per brood chamber is sufficient to treat a hive, so you spend less time and effort treating your bees, and there is less disruption of the bees than with many other treatments. Strips are not individually wrapped and must be used within 2 weeks after opening.

Apivar Details

Efficacy Apivar between 96% and 99.8%, even in the countries where Apivar has been used for 25 years.
Temperature Constraint Apivar does not have any temperature constraints and can be used in all seasons and temperatures as long as bees are active
Treatment Season Apivar is best used just after the honey flow has ended, but can be used at any point in the year.
Specialty Equipment Apivar does not require any special equipment to use; simply use the built in hanger on the strips to suspend between frames.
Safety When applying, use nitrile type gloves when touching strips
Placement Place Apivar strips in the brood nest, hanging between the frames with 1 strip per 5 frames of brood
Treatment Period Apivar can be placed on a hive for 6-8 weeks if necessary
Honey Boxes Honey that will be sold or consumed must be removed prior to treating with Apivar and must not be added back for 2 weeks after treatment period
Slow Release Apivar is a slow release treatment and will kill varroa mites over the entire treatment period
Vacuums Sealed Each package comes in a vacuume sealed packaged to keep Amitraz ingredient active and should be used within 2 weeks of opening.
Compatibility It's generally not advised to use Apivar in conjunction with other varroa mite treatments.
Monitoring It's important to regularly check the hive after treatment to ensure its effectiveness and the health of the colony.
Manufacturer Apivar is produced by Veto-pharma, a company specializing in bee health products.
Safety When used as directed, Apivar is considered safe for honeybees, including the queen and brood.
Dosage The number of strips you need depends on the size of your colony, it is recommended to use 1 Apivar strip for every 5 frames of brood
Adjusting Equipment It is not necessary to close entrances or screened bottom boards when using Apivar strips

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